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The Soul’s Character

That night while returning home, I met a stranger, and became friends with him.
Looking into his eye, I found myself. Fear melted into the shadows. Strength returned to my limbs. That night while returning home, I met a stranger whose name was Courage. I made friends with him!

Indeed, the qualities of the spirit are the spirit’s true mates. The rest is rubble. Our soul’s character traits are our long lasting companions, not just because they cling to us even after our body crumbles, but they stay loyal till the final culmination of our soul’s merging with the Source. Furthermore, they can be instrumental in literally pushing us back there! They are like the eyes and limbs of the soul -– deciding how you see what you see, and how far you walk along your any chosen path. The stronger and sharper they are, the stronger of a force you are. Therefore, instead of waiting for a soul mate to land in your life, nourish one in your own soul.

While finding an ideal physical mate may be challenging, finding an ideal character mate is easy. There are plenty we have not nurtured! We can choose any which one at our discretion — courage, patience, humility, happiness, faith — depending on the need of the hour. Courage is a very powerful soul companion, because it makes you win forever, leaves you unfazed in the face of both good and bad karma, and does not allow a defeat to be your downfall. If you nurture detachment as your soul companion, you need little else. You can hope to live like a lotus in the mucky waters of Maya, untouched by all that surrounds you. Even if you already do have a great character companion, the link can continue to be strengthened, until the relationship becomes one of perfection.

Soul characteristics get nurtured each time we choose them against their opposite. Each time we decide to be magnanimous instead of being stingy, giving instead of withholding, and loving in place of loathing, we strengthen the link with our character mates. Taste the sweetness of making the right choice every time and doing the right deed before the show is over.

by Rachna Chopra

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