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Could I be in love?

Am I in love? How to know if you’re falling for someone

Love is a funny thing: although it’s a very strong and unmistakable feeling, there have still been countless of people throughout history who have asked themselves the important question “am I in love?” Especially for someone who has never been in love before, romance can be very confusing, and trying to figure out if you’re actually falling for someone or whether you just like them can be a real romantic conundrum!

Luckily, there are a few symptoms of true love that can help you answer “am I in love?” and make your feelings easier to deal with. Unfortunately, love and it’s close cousins, puppy love and lust, can be easily confused for one another in the early stages, so it’s important to get it right and figure out if you’re really in love or if you just have a temporary crush on someone. It’s easy to define a few of the indications that your feelings are genuine love.

One very important factor to answer the question “am I in love” is whether you care more about their happiness and well being than your own. If you get the overwhelming feeling that you want this person to be happy no matter what, even if it means they can’t be with you, then you are probably falling in love with them. Putting someone’s well being above your own is a great indication that you are in love.

You’re also probably in love with someone if you don’t mind giving up certain aspects or good things in your own life in order to be with them and make them happy. If you find that you don’t care as much anymore about giving up your extra time or money on that special someone, or you don’t want to hang out with the same old crowd anymore, then you may have you answer to “am I in love?”

Even if you do decide that you are really in love, make sure that you take it slow and don’t rush your romance with this new special person. A romantic relationship is something that needs to be developed slowly and nurtured, and the slower you take your romance the better chances you have for it working out. So, “am I in love?” . . . well the answer to that question is up to you, and the success of your attempts have everything to do with how you approach the person you are falling in love with!

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