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How to use the practice of Tantric Sex in your everyday sex life.

Becoming Tantric
Embarking on a new sexual experience can bring a level of intimacy and sensual satisfaction to a relationship that you never thought possible, especially when it involves learning the Hindu practice of Tantra. Tantra, a Sanskrit word meaning "woven together" is perhaps one of the oldest examples of sexual philosophy and spirituality to be taught and practiced today.

The practice of Tantric sex began in India over 1500 years ago as a method of Hindu yoga which worships the union of men and women. The teachings were specifically created to help practitioners increase their awareness of their own energy and the energy surrounding them in order to "feel more." The goal isn't necessarily about achieving an end result such as an orgasm, but rather increasing the stimulation of the entire sexual experience. The approach is to enhance your whole experience, not just one specific action or feeling.

The entire concept of Tantra is very different from the western viewpoint of sex. Tantric sex practitioners focus on prolonging their sensations and experiences, not on getting to the orgasm as quickly as possible. With the absence of an "end goal," the rush or sense of needing to finish in order to be fulfilled no longer exists. Additionally, foreplay is not a Tantric concept, because the entire purpose is to elicit pleasure for longer periods of time. Unlike your typical sexual experience, if you don't "finish," it isn't the end of the world. This approach gives couples a new freedom to explore their bodies and their awareness of themselves and each other in an entirely new way. It turns our western way of thinking, "I need to make sure I got mine," into, "How can I make this better and longer for both of us?" For many couples, this could be a very refreshing and exciting change in their way of thinking.

There are a few basic guidelines for engaging in a Tantric sex ritual. Most are common sense concepts and could be applied to any sensual encounter you and your partner wanted to try.

1. Bathe each other.
Don't just enjoy a romantic bubble bath together, actually take time to do actions that will relax your partner and show your praise of their body. The goal is to leave the world and your worries behind and focus only on the pleasure of yourself and partner.

2. Be nourished.
The purpose of Tantric sex is to prolong your sensual experience indefinitely. This means LONG lovemaking sessions where you're bound to work up an appetite. Make food play part of your experience and don't start any sessions hungry. Share in a glass of wine and feed each other often.

3. Create a space that feels beautiful and erotic.
Clean spaces allow you to focus your thoughts solely on your partner and your pleasure. Add mood setters to heighten your pleasure, such as scented candles, soft furry blankets or rugs, seductive music, etc.

4. Be comfortable in your attire.
Fabrics that feel great on your skin are a must. Starting off with soft, flowing lingerie or a silky robe heightens the experience as you shed layers later on. Also, consider any props whose texture may increase the pleasure you feel such as silk scarves, furry mittens and even feathers.

5. Begin your love play with a massage.
Grab your favorite scented oil and take turns indulging each other in an extensive erotic massage. Focus on relaxing your partner while keeping things sensual. Remember, the goal is to take your time and let the pleasure build.

There are many other Tantric principles not mentioned here, such as breathing and mental techniques to control and prolong your pleasure. If you are interested in learning more about this philosophy, visit the website for more information and ideas.
By Jennifer Good.

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