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Tantra Invites Your Body to Remember

To my followers, who requested more articles on Tantra... :)

Tantra is a magical path to creating the life and experiences of your dreams. Among the many definitions of tantra, mine is distinctly simple – ‘Tantra invites your body to remember’ - your essence, your power, your potential, your dreams, and your body’s innate erotic intelli­gence. Tantra helps remove blockages due to dis-ease, sexual abuse, in­vasive medical procedures, negative experiences, and the stresses of everyday living. Tantra lovingly returns you to ecstasy - your birth­right.

Our most ecstatic sex occurs when our body and heart merge with our soul to achieve a powerful connection with ourselves, our partner, and our Creator. When we allow ourselves to sink deeply into that state of peace and release all those goal-oriented notions (you know the ones), waves of ecstasy can ripple through and transport us to a place of connectedness with all there is.

Tantra has been called the yoga of sex, full body spirituality, and the science of ecstasy, though it isn't just another way to have sex - it is another way to live. The merging of our sexuality and our spiri­tuality is a powerful force, and the most potent (and enjoyable!) vehicle for transformation.

You can enjoy tantra on any level of exper­ience and dedication, and all rituals, techniques and exercises can be modi­fied for solo practice or same sex couples. Select those that reson­ate and weave them into your current practice. You will exper­ience a deeper richness of life as you become more empathetic, less judg­mental, and welcome the love that the Universe has wait­ing.

If you are currently practicing 'conscious lovemaking' you may al­ready be incorporating some basic tantra techniques. Some lovers practice a more attentive, conscious, slower paced version of 'regular sex' adding tantric techniques such as ritual, eye gazing and partner breathing.

More dedicated practitioners incorporate many of the traditional rituals, exercises and positions that stimulate a heightened state of bliss. The techniques may include conscious breathing, sound, move­ment, massage and meditation. Sensuality is used to expand and moderate their sexual pleasure as they enjoy more prolonged love­making sessions. Additional tantra techniques assist in retaining and re-circulating sexual energy allowing for ejaculatory choice and full body orgasms for men, and multiple orgasms and ejaculations for women.

Tantric philosophy is non-judgmental, ac­cepting of all experi­ences. Every experience, including lack of arousal, is viewed as an opportunity for growth (no pun intended); nothing is viewed as good or bad.

Tantric practice can deepen and prolong your relationship(s) as the love and sexual passion are heightened and sustained. Can you remember falling in love with the partner of your dreams? You were on cloud nine, energized, sexually supercharged. You had 'chemistry' – though the eu­phoria may have faded within 3 months, when familiarity set in. Tantric practice is one path to transform that chemistry into 'alchemy' - a deep and rich mind, body, spirit connection which actually strengthens as the years pass.

Tantra flourishes today. There are many schools, many teachers and many interpretations. I honor all paths with integrity and invite you to explore and embrace what resonates with you. Enjoy your journey!

by Pam Babbitt, S.I.

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